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01. Introduction

Who we are.

The freelancing firm, WebNinja, was started back in 2010 due to a demand in the market for effective, efficient, and multitalented creative's being able to cover several disciplines.

The main figure behind WebNinja is Yamir EncarnaciĆ³n, who currently lives in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He is of Puerto Rican descent, but born in Spain.

Since 2006 Yamir has worked as a web developer/programmer at various places.

His creations are clean, simple, and easy to understand without impacting on aesthetics, usability, or accessibility.


A new breed of web developers are emerging. They have been involved since the early start and by now are experts in their field. Further, they also have one or more areas of expertise and a generalist knowledge covering several disciplines.

02. Services

It's all about expertise.

Whether it's concept development or actual production, we bring to the table expertise that results in good looking solutions pushing the boundaries without any impact on usability.

Core services.

We know web development. With several years of experience behind us we know the do and don'ts and can make your concept a reality.

What we do.

These are the following types of projects we love working on:

  • Java programming
  • Website design and development
  • Hybrid mobile app development


151 San Francisco Street
Ste 200-5053
San Juan, PR